Karyosystematic Study of Fritillaria messanensis s.l. (Liliaceae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Kamari, G., Phitos D.

Fritillaria messanensis, in its wide circumscription, is studied karyosystematically across its entire geographical range, including Italy, Serbia-Montenegro, N Albania and Greece. Variation in morphological features, karyotype and ecological preferences are evaluated and its taxonomy is revised. Three subspecies are recognized and a key and descriptions presented. F. sphaciotica, a taxon previously considered synonymous with F. messanensis, is recognized at subspecific rank and the new combination F. messanensis subsp. sphaciotica validated. The occurrence of subsp. gracilis in Greece (Ionian Islands and W Sterea Ellas) is confirmed. The relationships of F. messanensis with taxa occurring in the Mediterranean region are discussed.

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