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The Liliaceae (lily family) is a family of monocotyledons in the order Liliales. In the past, many petaloid monocots that did not fit in other families were placed in the Liliaceae. For instance, Cronquist (1981) included some 280 genera and 4,000 species in Liliaceae, which are now mostly scattered through Asparagales and Liliales. Current classifications suggest a narrower circumscription of the Liliaceae, with estimates of approximately 850 species in 17 genera (Govaerts, 2012).

The following combination of morphological characters differentiate the Liliaceae from other petaloid monocot families: presence of true bulbs, cauline and bifacial leaves, large flowers, 6 free often spotted tepals, 6 stamens, a superior ovary, and an undivided stigma. They are usually herbaceous with a Northern hemisphere distribution in temperate areas.

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